Friday, October 10, 2008

To Sir with love

It is harder to undermine Western cultural values when doing so entails promoting illegal acts, e.g. promoting homosexuality when homosexuality is illegal. It is much easier to promote things that are legal, e.g. when homosexuality was legalised in 1986 it enabled homosexuals to go into schools and and lecture students on all the practical details of homosexuality, thus affecting the values of future generations.
Kiwi Polemicist recalls the good old days of the '80s, when school children were give a bottle of milk every day and a thorough grounding in Practical Homosexuality.


Peter in Dundee said...

Yes not content with changing the law those commies then insist on rubbing it in (or at least demonstrating or describing how). The nerve of such people.

Contrast that with the morally uplifting abuse I got from a young xian gentleman manning a stand collecting signatures for the petition against the act after I declined politely to sign. That I was walking past in the company of a person of the female persuasion did not stop the abuse being extremely homophobic as well.

The xians are such lovely people and such good moral examples.

Besides the xians get to go into schools and indoctrinate young minds. I am reliably informed that the Devil has all the good music too.

Peter in Dundee said...

BTW I may not forgive you for inducing me to click on the link to kiwipolemicist's site. I could do without such things thankyou very much.

Anonymous said...

I was a teenage fundamentalist, and even worse, it was (shudder) The Seventies!!! Polyester! Flares! Abba! The Bay City Rollers! Patricia Bartlett! Mary Whitehouse! Rob Muldoon! The Sound of Music!