Thursday, October 16, 2008

The shopping news

We are lucky that nothing interesting is happening in the news right now, that the General Election and the global financial catastrophe are such trivial matters. Otherwise, the Herald would not have been able to find space on its front page to tell us that Dan Carter has got a brand new shop. Mr Carter, who played Rugby Union for Canterbury, is now in the rag trade. He also has a new Rugby team, in France and a luxury seaside home, chosen by his team's management. He is a busy man.

Meanwhile, another bit of retail news, of lesser importance and therefore on an inside page: Real Groovy has gone bust.

Mama's got a brand new bag:


Anonymous said...

"Real Groovy has gone bust."

Shit but that is bad news. I was irrationally pleased when the youngest reported that Real Groovy in upper Queen St was still there. I bought my Soft Machine LP there.

StephenR said...

There was a little white dog frolicking amongst the spring flowers earlier in the week though - of course perhaps it was probably justified on the grounds of cheering us up.