Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dream in beige

As Rod Serling might say, you have just entered the Learning Quarter:
Auckland's Learning Quarter is a world-class centre for education, research and commercialisation and the key to fuelling Auckland's future success.

Across the globe, governments are joining forces with their learning institutions to stimulate economic growth and help shape local and national development. Here in Auckland, AUT University, Auckland City Council, The University of Auckland and Committee for Auckland have formed The Learning Quarter partnership to stimulate learning, research, cultural and business experiences in the city.

Through The Learning Quarter partnership and the development of The Learning Quarter Plan, the partners are committed to working jointly and sharing and leveraging resources to attract high-growth businesses, investment and talent.

Located in Auckland CBD, The Learning Quarter covers the city campuses of The University of Auckland and AUT University. It is a great asset for Auckland to have two of the country's high achieving universities located in the CBD. This makes The Learning Quarter a cornerstone in Auckland's attraction to local and international businesses, potential students and residents.

The Learning Quarter is a vibrant place with a stimulating environment, rich heritage, a strong history of achievements, significant open spaces and landscapes (such as Albert Park), unique cultural facilities and a diverse range of events and activities.
To facilitate the engagement of the time-poor, I have highlighted the most obvious examples of corporate flannel in a pleasingly retro shade of beige.


Robyn said...

I'll be over here, with the mucking-around three-quarters.

Richard said...

I think it's just fantastic that the ACC has recognised that U of A, AUT and Albert Park are next to each other.

Michael Wood said...

Puke. I should forward you some of the HR garbage I deal with in my work capacity. There would be more beige than white on the page.