Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Island life

After the impact, which left him with a lump on his head and needing to see a chiropractor for a sore neck and back, the boy stumbled backwards into a small tree while still clutching the chihuahua.

"I turned around and said 'you can't hit a child on the head with a stick'. He said 'it doesn't matter because it will never hold up in court'."
Chiropractor, chihuahua, small tree... it's not exactly life on the streets is it? No, it is life on Waiheke and it held up in court. Interestingly enough, not so long ago Mr Ceralamus was served with a trespass notice, by Woolworth's. I am sure Uroskin will be able to explain all this.


Hans Versluys said...

How to explain a problem like Nobilangelo?
Island life at its most colourful. There's anti-Nobble-Angelo blogsite here: http://bonfireoftheinsanities.blogspot.com/
Our Nobble isn't a stranger to court proceedings about bizarre behaviour: he was convicted in 1991 for walking naked on a Birkenhead beach frightening the children but the conviction was quashed on appeal (http://www.freebeaches.org.nz/ap76-91.pdf).
And then there was his strange solo effort to hive off the whole Hauraki Gulf to the Thames Coromandel Council without any public mandate (the move was quashed by the Local Government Council).
Fortunately he is not standing in this year's elections.

Anonymous said...

More 'nob' than 'angel', it would appear.

Philip said...

This item also deserves notice as one of the very few instances of somebody saying "I turned around and said", and actually meaning "I turned around and said" rather than "I said".

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