Sunday, October 17, 2010

The ascent of Man

A rugged piece of North Island farmland is said to be the battleground between two international rock stars with deep pockets. The deer farm, bordering three Rotorua lakes, is New Zealand's answer to Africa's Ngorongoro Crater dubbed the cradle of mankind.
Could this be the weakest story of the year? In what way can this deer farm be an answer to the "cradle of mankind?" And what sort of story begins with a claim that this farm is "said to be" a battleground between two international rock stars, one of whom is unnamed and the other who was in town at the time and might have hovered over the crater in a black helicopter? The weakest sort of story, that is what. There should be a Qantas category for this sort of story. In fact, it is so weak that I cannot be bothered writing about it any more.

More airborne Françoise Hardy, this time on inflatable furniture:

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