Monday, October 11, 2010

Work song

Stables, who was meant to begin a new job on Radio Hauraki today after two years off air, will not be working because of the injuries he said he sustained. He claimed the altercation began when a Jetstar check-in staff member told him that he was too late to board a flight to Wellington on Saturday.

He claims he was attacked after he told the worker he was a loser "with a loser airline" and started to walk away.

Stables said it took three airport security staff to pull the man off him.

He was in Wellington hospital on Saturday night with a concussion, and he claimed he was finding it difficult to urinate. "I'm not well at all. It's not good. I can't hear and I can't even urinate. It was a totally vicious attack."
Boo; hoo. That's the magic of radio: you can abuse strangers and, when they come back at you, cut them off. Real life is not so simple. Call somebody a loser and he might just lose it.

Here's Julian and Nat:

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