Monday, October 04, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Rusty writes:
Big In Japan - so was this pre- or post Alphaville?

Dear Rusty,

thank you for your enquiry. We don't talk about Alphaville round here, because they were unbelievably naff. Big in Japan, the band, came first; Alphaville took the name for their song.

The short story of Big in Japan is that everybody was in it and John Peel liked them. I heard them first on his show. The slightly longer story is narrated here, by John Peel:

But this will only lead to further questions from gentle readers such as "Dalek I Love you?" Yes, Dalek I Love You. Here is a song to help. The short story is that Dalek I Love You were really good but hardly anybody has heard of them. Fortunately, gentle readers can download an entire album, Naive, from their rather sparse website. Gentle readers can also read this far from sparse fan site.

Gentle readers are requested to tell of these discoveries to all their cool friends who are in synth-pop bands.

Yours aye,



Rusty said...

I'm a huge Alphaville fan. I will never read your blog again.


Michael Olivia said...
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Paul said...

Oh no, I've gone and done it again.