Thursday, October 21, 2010

Test card

Before the murder trial, the Herald understands, Meads was given bail, and was living at his parents' Te Puna home near Tauranga.

He later moved into a three-storey beachfront home at Mt Maunganui, which his father, Howard Meads, bought this year for $1.4 million.

The house - next to another million-dollar-plus home up a long driveway - overlooks a white, sandy beach and the sea.

Neighbours said Meads lived there with a young woman who was not his daughter.
A man charged with the murder of his wife is given bail and lives in luxury with a young woman who is not his daughter. The Sensible Sentencing Trust should be really angry about this. I expect they are working hard on a press release to express their anger. In fact, it is surprising that they did not comment earlier: they usually have so much to say about violent crimes. Still, I expect that, any moment now, they will unleash a stinging response to this outrage, just like they do when people of less money commit hideous crimes. It is just a matter of time, I am sure. We just need to be patient.

Whilst we wait, here's Charters and Caldicott:


Deborah said...

Don't be silly, Paul. Meads was a white business man. He's just the sort of decent chap that the Sensible Sentencing Trust wants to support.

Hans Versluys said...

Young Marble Giants. Best Band Ever.

Paul said...

Yes, Deborah, how silly of me; and, after all, it was his wife he killed, not another white businessman.

Paul said...

Uroskin: quite right.

Will said...

On the plus side, it looks like a leaky building he was bailed to. Perhaps the mould spores will hasten his demise.