Friday, October 15, 2010

Uses of literacy

p24 Because of the dearth of professional architectural historians in this country [Australia] who are not architects, it would be pointless to analyse their contributions to Australian architectural history. Most architectural writing of any sort has, of course, been written by lay people who are, or have been, practising architects. Some have realised that the two are incompatible. The rest, I believe, should not attempt to write history, despite Humphrey McQueen's opinion when I mentioned the title of this paper that, on the contrary, they ought to be encouraged since it keeps them from designing buildings.

Joan Kerr: Why Architects Should Not Write Architectural History

Leach, Andrew,
Antony Moulis,
and Nicole Sully.
Shifting Views :
Selected Essays on
the Architectural History of
Australia and New Zealand.
University of Queensland Press, 2008.

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