Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buy me this

Go on, you never buy me anything.

Usually I sneer at people who buy their t-shirts on Internet, but for once I have found an in-joke so in that I want to wear it. For the baffled, here is a partial explanation; for callow youths, here is the other part.

And can someone explain to me what is funny about a More Cowbell t-shirt? It is not the sketch; at best it is a reminder of the sketch. Is it meant to tell the wearer's viewers that the wearer has a great sense of humour? If so, it doesn't work: it says the wearer is trying too hard.


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Mad Cowgirl

Uroskin said...

I'm more of a Charles Rennie Mackintosh Arts & Crafts sort of guy, but the Stickley reference was interesting, cheers.