Sunday, October 17, 2010


Without even an hello another KiwiSaver scheme has clambered aboard seeking salvation. So here's a belated welcome to the BCF KiwiSaver scheme, which officially joined the party on September 2 this year.

The bland three-letter-acronym title throws a thin disguise over the ultimate creators of this scheme but it has been revealed unto me that the BCF KiwiSaver scheme will be run by the Exclusive Brethren - a religious organisation renowned for secrecy and taking Don Brash to lunch.
If you want news, go to the business section. The Exclusive Brethren are allowed to use computers these days (usual story - the leader had a revelation) and this is what they do with their new-found powers - set up an investment scheme.


Anonymous said...

I've been wearing black turtle necks since 1965, just in case Mlle Hardy moved next door. Clean undies as well! Thanks for reminding me why.

Grace Dalley said...

Paul, I note Francoise has escaped from her alloted Friday and now *every* day seems to be her day! That's not a complaint, just an observation.

Paul said...

Somehow it made a story about the Exclusive Brethren bearable.

Victor said...

Please make every day a Francoise day. I was a spotty adolescent in the suburban wastes of allegedly swinging London but I dreamed of cohabiting with a long-legged, elegantly minimalist beauty somewhere sur la Manche. And here she is, after all these years, on my computer screen.