Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Bash Street kids

Over at No Right Turn, Idiot/Savant discusses Tyndale Park Christian School, which has been breaking the law for the last fifteen years. The law says corporal punishment is banned in schools. The school says it obeys a higher law. Whatever happened to that old "render unto Caesar" thing, or does that just apply to taxation?

I could go on. Instead, I will note this from the school's Statement of Philosophy and Purpose:
Tyndale Park Christian School encourages the development of Christian character and attributes in the life of the children as they learn to relate to the world in which they live. Children will be equipped with a basis of evaluating right and wrong based on the teaching of the Bible.
Clearly, this means "we will do what we want and find some passage of Scripture to justify our actions."

Elsewhere in the news, it seems the campaign against the "anti-smacking bill" is doomed: Brian is joining it.


harvestbird said...

My Anglican proprieties are still offended by Brian taking the title of Bishop to himself. He doesn't have an episcopal polity!

Paul said...

Yes, but he has a Harley-Davidson and a speedboat; how many Anglican Bishops can say that?

harvestbird said...

I found nothing on Google to answer your (rhetorical) question but I did find this (and the other day, to return slightly closer to the topic, this).

Paul said...

My question was not rhetorical; I wanted you to do my research.

Although not a Bishop, the Ton-up Vicar was a motorcyclist.

harvestbird said...

I'm always happy to google curious combinations of words: it's the one all-purpose skill I've brought with me from all those years of postgrad study (that and staring into the space just past a computer monitor).

So, in a race between the Ton-up Vicar and the Tamaki brothers + Brian (who is the Andy Gibb of that family), who would win?

It's vicar vs. bishop!