Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fiscal prudence gone mad

Richard Prebble is holding a user-pays book launch. According to Gooner at Sir Humphreys:
It's at 2.30pm, Sunday 15 April at Mecca Cafe, corner Nuffield St and Remuera Rd, Newmarket. It costs $16.00 which includes non alcoholic beverage, light sandwiches and cake.
Cake, I welcome; somebody will have to explain to me what is meant by light sandwiches; non-alcoholic beverage: not for sixteen bucks.

Who is doing the catering - The Mothers' Union? Does Mr Prebble not understand that we go to these events - book launches, gallery viewings, preview screenings - not just for the scintillating conversation, but mostly for the free booze and exquisitely catered food?


harvestbird said...

Thank you for the link.

As a point of housekeeping, the URLs to Spleen and Scroll of Emptiness are at present transposed.

Paul said...

Your welcome, oh Jane Austen of the Blogosphere. Thank you for noticing the error.

harvestbird said...

Just another "poor soul [who] didn't have anything going for her in the way of looks".

One day I will be the Graham Greene of the blogosphere, even if I have to convert to Catholicism and leave my wife to force the resemblance.