Saturday, April 28, 2007

C4: an Enquiry into Morals

I am sorry I have not been blogging recently but I have been watching television. Last night on C4, after the Daily Show, they did one of their top ten lists. This one was "top ten most shocking videos" At Number Ten was Robbie Williams' Rock DJ.
At number nine was Tatu's All the Things She Said .

So, let me get this right. A video showing two schoolgirls snogging in the rain is more shocking than a video in which a man rips off his own flesh. Am I missing something here?

I would have continued this study of the mores of pop culture by watching more filthy videos but Number 7, which featured 50 Cent and some pneumatically enhanced women, was too much for my flatmate. It was nearly time for Letterman anyway, which has much better Top Ten lists.

To mix up this ethical stew further, immediately before the C4 show, they broadcast the video for Dizzee Rascal's Sirens, which is shocking in a quite different way, and brilliant.

Here is something from my mispent youth which I hope is suitable for the office: Not the Nine O'Clock News:


harvestbird said...

That Dizzee Rascal vid is outstanding, not least the conflating of all kinds of ghastly narratives in the blooding of the young hunting girl (and look how the hunted simply vanishes; disappearing like a statistic). Who is the director?

I always thought that Pamela Stephenson was a bit of a frustrated pop star, for all that she produced parodies. Do you remember the NTNON song called "Kinda Lingers"? That's probably my favourite of theirs.

Paul said...

Yes, the race, class and horror themes are woven togtother brilliantly. It was directed by Wiz who has also directed the video for Kasabian's 'Empire,' apparently.

I thought of 'Kinda Lingers' when I was putting together this post but I could not find a video online; my favourite of their songs as well