Friday, April 13, 2007

Word of the day: caverage

It is just a typographical error in this revealing piece in Scoop on the Psychology behind George W Bush's decision-making, but "caverage" could be a useful neologism to describe genteel failure.

By the way, whatever happened to starkish? Apparently it is an adjective which was defined as "to exhibit a sense of proportion and good taste"; that sounds like verb definition to me, but then I don't work in PR. According to its promoters, it is synonymous with Bling, Maxamalistic and Paris Hilton. The word was created to promote some ghastly RTD enjoyed by the sort of people who use words like Bling, Maxamalistic and Paris Hilton. Despite the best efforts of Pead PR, it has not caught on. I wonder what happened to the drink.

Anyway, back on topic, the Pope has been ruminating about Science. Apparently His Holiness has written "Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection was not finally provable because mutations over millennia could never be replicated in a laboratory." Perhaps that is because we have not had laboratories for millennia. In any case how would one go about replicating a mutation? Perhaps His Holiness should look at the work of Gregor Mendel, who was, after all, one of the Pope's gang.

Meanwhile, while we are on the subject of curious beliefs, blogger Andrew Falloon clings to the notion that it was not the Exclusive Brethren who financed National's campaign but just seven members.

Elsewhere, No God Zone has a video of theological debate in a typical American home. Kids say the darndest things.

Finally, I note that a certain well-known media commentator has linked to a You Tube video at the end of his post for today. I wonder where he got that idea. I shall not be making accusations of plagiarism, since I stole the idea of this relaxed Friday round-up from him; in any case, not so many days ago Russell sent my readership stats skywards by linking here twice in one of his posts.

Here's something a bit more to my taste: the Only Ones performing Another Girl, Another Planet, which you may recognise from a Vodafone advert that is currently showing.

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