Monday, April 09, 2007

Some news

In Melbourne, Pentelcostalism is cool. In Bennelong, the Exclusive Brethren consider their options, while in Christchurch, blogger Dumamark experiences a night out for the ex-Exclusive Brethren. In Rome the media are criticised for talking about sex rather than charity. In Poland, the word on the street is lustration. In Sweden, a Princess is stalked by the Phelps family. Meanwhile, in Wellington, they are destroying sculptures.

With thanks to Craig


Anonymous said...

Holy shit man, I'd love to read more about that lustration business! If you have a mind to write it, of course. I found it hard to comprehend what I was reading in that article, it's so backward.

PS: argh disable your CAPTCHA, they don't work anyway

Paul said...

I will find out more if I can.

I hate having to subject posters to the CAPTCHA but without it I get invitations to buy Viagra at discount rates.

harvestbird said...
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Anonymous said...

I suggest you only require CAPTCHA for posts containing links. I don't know if Google supports this or not, but they should.

Paul said...

I'll see what I can do, squire.

Anonymous said...

Website of the week:

Reason enough to promote Fred Phelps as the next Chief Censor. In his words, Sweden's King is the result of drippings from "the Devil's own penis - a vertiable sperm bank for Satan's queers".

I almost fell off my chair.