Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Things you need to know

The Great Blend was rad, as was Bill Direen.

Civil Unions may be older than we thought.

The world's largest cross has been proposed for Nazareth.

Flumaddidle has discovered the Diet Fork.

You can become invisible, as well as learning the art of seduction and how to keep a squirrel in your pocket.

The Republicans want rid of Senator Larry Craig.

A philosopher went into a bar; the barman said "why the long face?"

Catholics are going wild in Sydney

The New Zealand Diversity Forum interfaith discussion on religion in schools ended in confusion.

Lucyna has discovered that Marx was a Satanist, whilst her blogmate IM Fletcher has discovered This Godless Communism.

China is not for lovers but businesses love swingers.

Some Dutch royals edited their own Wikipedia entry.


Sam Finnemore said...

I love these linkfests.

August must just about have been Fundy Post's busiest month ever...

Psycho Milt said...

Hmm, people already treat me as if I were invisible, and I already have a "naked bedroom friend" - but that "Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets" looks like the dog's bollocks! Comand flocks of birds! Control bees, gnats and houseflies! I could rule the world with such animal power backing me!

Danyl said...

One of my favourite quotes in Lucyna's link is that Marx's 'good friend' Bakunin was also a Satanist.