Wednesday, December 01, 2010

He's Frank

3. You need to be able to cause a woman to feel sexual tension just being around you.

Creating sexual tension with a woman is like equipping yourself with a virtual “magnet.” Women will respond favorably to you if you know how to create sexual tension with her. Most guys don’t realize how easy this can be, and they also don’t realize that this is one of the most effective techniques that you can use to make a woman want to date you, no matter how good looking she is.

When you know how to create sexual tension with women, then it does not matter how good looking a woman is, she will WANT YOU…
This is rubbish. I found it on a site for sad gits which calls itself New Zealand's online men's lifestyle magazine. I do realise that gentle readers are far too clever and well-dressed to be part of this magazine's demographic. I only mention it because Mr Stratford informs us that the owner of this site uses bloggers' writing but does not pay them. Unlike the dating advice columnist, whose literary skills will never get him a date, the bloggers concerned can write. Yet they have not received so much as a virtual magnet for their work.

Here are the Monochrome Set, who are clever and well-dressed:

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