Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The shop in Lone Kauri Road

A stoush is unfolding in the Coromandel over a food stall which has opened at remote Cathedral Cove. The Department of Conservation is being told Cathedral Cove is no place for a shop. Locals are appalled DoC's granted a permit for a food stall to operate at the remote Coromandel tourist spot, which is accessible only by boat or by a half-hour trek
About time. The decision to provide business opportunities in Cathedral Cove sends a clear message to the Environment that the free ride is over. For too long the wilderness - described as slovenly by business executive and poet Wallace Stevens as far back as 1919 - has been allowed to run wild. And clearly it has gone to seed, requiring expensive maintenance. At Cathedral Cove, rocks have been falling and ongoing work is necessary. Moreover, the car park - an amenity necessitated by Nature's failure to provide conveniently situated flat spaces - needed repair. It is about time that Nature started paying its way.

A bright future lies ahead, one in which Nature will make a realistic contribution to its own development, tourists will never be far from a refreshing carbonated drink and entrepreneurs can enjoy the full fruits of their enterprise.

It is a time for greatness.

On an unrelated note, here are the Small Faces with PP Arnold:

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