Thursday, May 03, 2012

It's the way he tells 'em

Mr Brownlee said there was not "a single economic indicator" that suggested the rebuild had stalled. "All of your hysteria there won't change the fact that we asked the Christchurch City Council to come up with a draft plan for the CBD, which is around about 39-40 hectares in the central city. And they did that in an appropriate period of time, inside nine months." 
The Government had been looking at the draft since December to see how to "put life into it" and to ensure work got underway quickly.
Did the writer of this APNZ piece file with a straight face? The Christchurch City Council comes up with a draft plan in nine months; the Government has spent six months looking at it, to ensure work gets underway quickly.

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Rob Davies said...

I love simple but streamlined jokes.... Brownlee's great at telling them, too.