Thursday, May 17, 2012

Notes and theories: like with Works of Art

In this transient age, fewer buildings are being developed with long term prospects in mind. Ours, however, are rather different. Like with Works of Art, we believe people in our position have a responsibility to help develop a worthwhile tomorrow. Unlike many, our building developments are here to stay. And equally as pleasing to the eye now - as they will be in years to come. Perhaps that's because the type of investors we attract appreciate the value of Works of Art. 
Caption: Mural in foyer of Mayfair House, carved from native timbers by Brian Verry, depicts elements of artistic interest within Auckland. 
Caption: Winning design by Sinclair Johns Architects retains the Queen's Head Tavern facade for Mayfair Development's 20 storey project on Queen Street, Auckland

Advertisement for Mayfair Development
"Works of Art Are Portrayed in Our Buildings." 
Pacific Way, September - October 1987, 65.

Twelve years later:

‘IT’S A BIT like putting an old Daimler in the garage and not driving it for 10 years,” says CB Richard Ellis agent Jonathan Ogg of Mayoral Towers, the Queen St tower which has stood mostly unoccupied since completion in 1989. 

Mafair House, Mayoral Towers, ACG House and whatever else it has been called is now known as Sofrana House. The Queen's Head Tavern is now a Korean restaurant. Photos here and here 

More wild flag:

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Stephen Stratford said...

Time has not been kind to facadism. Many of us were not kind to facadism at the time. And that was a horrible example.

I didn't know that John Sinclair was responsible. He is a nice man and was a good president of the NZIA. But still, eww.