Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plenty to go round

"The way I see it, by the time Centrepoint got started, he'd figured out how to set himself up as alpha male. He'd surrounded himself with an awesome bunch of strong, capable and desirable women, and this attracted a number of on-to-it men who could see that there was plenty to go round."
Bert Potter's son eulogises. You can see where he gets it from. You too can get it from the Government or the Herald on Sunday:
Labour's David Shearer wanted to know why young fathers were not being "called to account", which was both impractical and failed to focus on the actual problem.
No, men are not the problem; sluts are the problem. However, Paul Little, a man, disagrees;
The really noxious component of the whole proposal is its extension to the teenage daughters of beneficiaries who are over the age of consent. It would be comforting to believe that this plan was not meant to be a slur on women on the DPB. Yet the inference is unavoidable. As is the implication that being a trollop is hereditary. There's a slut gene that gets transmitted from solo mothers to their daughters. If your mother was a slut, you'll probably be one, too. Maybe not, but let's not take any chances. These second-generation sluts can't help themselves. Only long-term invasive contraception can counter the effects of the gene.
If you see them on the street, tell them Raoul sent you (yeah, Raoul).


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