Saturday, May 07, 2011

Blook about your life

Did you read that thing in the Guardian a while back about novelists failing to come to terms with Internet? No, me neither. Well, I started reading it, but it is quite long and there are lots of other stories on the Guardian site, like the one where Greer mutters about Gehry (she is qualified to do this on the strength of being Australian; architecture is a public art and you don't need to know anything about it to make a critique) or the interview with Eric Hobsbawm.

You see, my point is... are you still there? Yes, that is precisely my point. Internet is distracting, the webby part of it especially so. In fact, I was just distracted by Twitter, just now. What was I saying? Oh yes; Internet causes the mind to wander.

Internet is not very accurate, either, especially the webby part of it. Take, for example, the excellent Novel About My Wife, by the estimable Emily Perkins, novelist of this parish; or, as the New Zealand Woman's Weekly has it, Novel About My Life. And it is not just there that Ms Perkins has been msrepresented: Britannica also has renamed her book.

So, a book which really got to grips with Internet would have to be inaccurate, unfocused, distracted, repetitive, badly edited, repetitive, endless....

Here are four gentlemen from Athens, Georgia making their first national TV appearance:

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