Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like a girl Jesus

You might start with an fish course – a Bluff oyster with ponzu, a Hiroshima oyster, mackerel. Then there’s American lobster or New Zealand crayfish, cooked to perfection and served with a beautifully silky sauce americaine, reduced for three days. You might have a lamb cutlet served with a foie gras sauce and an egg poached in red wine that spills over the plate. There is some of the best sashimi we’ve eaten anywhere. In short, if you care about food, you must go.
No. If you care about food, you should consider that a lot of people do not get enough of it. You might start by donating $80 to $100 to a charity which fights poverty here or overseas. You might want to ask the woman who cleans your office what she would do with $80 or $100; not that you are going to go without your degustation, but just to see how the other half lives. Then there's McDonalds:
The company denies the mascot is a bad influence on children. In fact, it says, he is quite the opposite, since he now extols the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. "Ronald is an ambassador for good and delivers important messages to kids on safety, literacy and balanced, active lifestyles," it said in a statement.
Yes, that's prime, organic, free range tosh. Ronald McDonald's job is to pull in the children, to start them on a life-time habit of eating bad food. It is cheap food, compared with your degustation, but cheap is all most people can afford.

Then there is the prejudice against poor people which many of us middle-class people have:
Aspiration and social mobility are the useful mirage, laying blame squarely with individuals who should try harder to escape their families and friends, instead of seeking great fairness for all. It suits life's winners to pretend this is a meritocracy: we well-off deserve our luck, anyone can join us if they try.
Polly Toynbee is talking about the Old Country here, but the attitude is much the same here; even amongst the left, who have abandoned the working class and who call Chris Trotter a racist patriarch for reminding them of their betrayal.

Oh well, enjoy your meal.

Next in our series of Inappropriate Songs for Boganette's wedding, here is Game Theory, accompanied by a home-made video featuring every effect in the box.


Boganette said...

It's a series?!? That song is too slow. I got sleepy in it. The video reminded me of this one time that I probably shouldn't talk about because it was illegal.

Paul said...

It's a series. I told you it was inappropriate - too slow, too quiet, mentions Jesus. Anyway, what was it that you did?

Boganette said...

A three-letter acronym?

Russell said...

"If you care about food, you should consider that a lot of people do not get enough of it."

Surely that would need you to care about other people rather than food?"

dad4justice said...

You are one very fucked up unit Paul.

Paul said...

Why, thank you dad4. I try to keep a high standard.