Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starting from the ZERO

InkLnk is giving the opportunity of owning 2% from the company by completing two years service, and it is going to enter the Internet social world soon. The company been established in Dubai, Your job is doing some marketing through the internet and inviting more people to increase our data base so we can get into the challenge with facebook and twitter, and remember Facebook revenue is 1.9 billion Dollar in 2010 while it’s just 7 years and 3 months old, and twitter worth 10billion Dollar while it’s less than five years old and they both started from the ZERO, so the 2% does really worth working with us.

About the job:
1- You will be responsible about inviting and doing marketing for InkLnk social website.
2- Just one hour a day and it’s all through the Internet.
3- Owning 2% from the company by completing two years service.
4- A laptop and $200 NZD will be given every six-months to the top employee.
5- Meeting dinar at the Stamford Hotel every two weeks.
6- You can work from any where in the world, and any time during the day.
7- You will get InkLnk Shirt as soon as you sign up with us.
8- Providing you with a communication and marketing course in Europe during the summer Holiday when it’s needed.
9- Visiting Google Company in the USA to increase your Experience in the future.
This could be your opportunity to get a free shirt.

Wings, the band the Beatles could have been

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