Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ordinary people

No one will be able to read the harrowing transcripts of the inquest without feeling a jolt of human sympathy, and often surprise that people, even in these extreme circumstances, turn out to be modest, generous and thoughtful.

From the testimony of Dr Wynne-Evans: "Yes, as I went in to each new carriage, I said something along the lines of, 'I'm a doctor, does anyone require my help?' At which point, I was told more than once that my help was required in the train next to the train I was on, that there were people there that needed my help more."
These people have not been honoured by Hone Harawira or by Ranginui Walker. Nor do they trouble themselves with the people left behind.

Meanwhile, over at Tumeke, Mr Angry has something to say.
Let's remind ourselves. This week the West killed an unarmed elderly man in front of his daughter using information to locate him taken under torture at a cost of $1.2Trillion while killing anywhere between 100 000 and a million and you want a rousing round of USA?
Ah yes, it was the West what done it, at a cost of $1.2 Trillion. The West killed an elderly man. Mr Angry has nothing to say about people like David Gardner. Well he wouldn't, would he?

The Left, for all for all its professions of solidarity and concern, has little time for ordinary people. The victims of Bin Laden are of no interest to the likes of Dr Walker. The people who were forced to throw themselves to their deaths from the Twin Towers are not Hone Harawira's problem. People on tube trains who lose their limbs to bombs do not matter to Bomber Bradbury. What matters is blaming the West, blaming Whitey, blaming Late Capitalism, blaming Amerika.

What matters is posturing and provoking. What matters is showing what a strong man you are, how fearless, how staunch you are. Who cares about people on trains and in offices? Who cares about ordinary people, little people, those who go to work and have families and ordinary lives?

What matters are the Freedom Fighters, the men who killed and maimed those ordinary people so that their own people could live in fear. Lenin, Uncle Joe, Mao, Che; the RAF, the PLO, the IRA; and now Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

This land is their land.


Richard said...

Mr Angry (or apologist for theft and fraud as I like to call him) couldn't even bother to hide his posturing with accuracy. Since when has mid-50s been elderly and how can the West collectively be responsible for a death toll that many of them didn't contribute to? Either he's a little too caught up in his hyperbole or doesn't think many of his readers are the fact checking type.

TerryB said...

Spot on Paul. The reflexive anti-Americanism of too many on the left strips blinds them to the horrors of terrorism.

BTW I see Hone's mihi as akin to the formal condolences the Irish government gave to the German embassay after Hitler's death. Procedurally correct yes but crassly stupid and insensitive.

Gosman said...

Mr Angry has recently been touting a quote from Thomas Jefferson all over the place, (including on his semi-regular spot on the panel on Afternoons with Jim Mora).

The quote is "There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people" All very typically lefty in nature.

I suspect he believes the fact that it is from Jefferson is the killer blow to any right winger who would object to the sentiments expressed. However the trouble is there is no evidence that Jefferson ever uttered or wrote the quote in the first place. Just goes to show what a shoddy pseudo-journalist he is in my view.

Bomber said...

I didn't take you for such an apologist of the West Paul, how slimy of you. Stripped back, this was an assassination, not a victory for the West, I was responding to the fact that the West doesn't recognize it's own role in building the Osama monster as cheering crowds chanted USA!

You may be blind to the hypocrisy of the West Paul, I'm not.

Gosman said...

" slimy of you."

Is that one of yours or are you attributing that to Thomsas Jefferson as well?

Bomber said...

i've responded to your defamation here

Being defamed by Russell Brown and Mr Smug -

Paul said...


Gosman said...


How conceited can someone get?

I love how Mr Bradbury isn't blind to the hypocrisy of the West yet he is seemingly to his own.

AAMC said...

I thought this was a very reasonable article on the whole Usama Bin Laden "double tap" that is - I think you'd have to agree - considerably more nuanced than your post Paul.

No raving political leanings, just a reading of the event, the policy and an observation of our options and their consequences. And I get the impression Johann is likely to find Bombers stance, if a little dramatic in it's delivery, closer to reality than you good vs evil analysis.

To insinuate that Bomber has no concern for ordinary people, this statement really does add a punchline to your delusion, the man rants constantly, in any forum available, on behalf of ordinary people.

Gosman said...

I agree the man rants constantly, however it is more for the benefit of his over large ego than any real concern for ordinary people.

"The man is an intellectual bully without the intellect" - Thomas Jefferson