Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Middle class blood lust for pleasure and profit

It seems I am Mr Smug the Defamer, a middle class sanctimonious clown, a member of the aesthetic left. I am rather flattered by the last, but I curious to know what is wrong with being middle class. It always seemed to me to be quite a useful quality (I tried to find some answer to this problem, and many others, in the comments to Mr Brown's post: I may have this wrong, but it seems that the answer to a political question is to put a macron on it).

I am also somewhat surprised that Mr Bomber should think I worship Professor Chomsky. It's Rorty, Berlin, Gray and chaps like that on my bookshelves, Mr Bomber; not forgetting Sellar and Yeatman, Osbert Lancaster and Stephen Potter.

I read some Chomsky a while back; he seems a very insistent chap. I am really not at all sure about this anarcho-syndicalism thing of his: it seems his utopia would require endless meetings and committees, a bit like the RSA. Besides, these chaps who talk about giving the Workers the full product of their labour never tell us how they would know how much that would be. They seem to think that things have fixed values, as if there were an essential quality to a product which could be determined and given a price. How would one know what the value of something - say, a sleeveless jumper - would be? If the weather is too hot, a jumper would be of little value; if the weather were cold, it would be a very useful thing for a chap to possess. That value has little to do with the labours of the workers and much to do with snugness.

Anyway, that's enough dismal science from me. I suppose I should be more concerned about being called, along with Mr Brown, a sniveling apologist for Western foreign policy. I am concerned, because I was not aware of there being such a thing as Western foreign policy. I thought the various Western nations had their own foreign policies. Unless, of course, by "Western" Mr Bomber means the films of Mr John Ford and his like; in which case I am still further perplexed. Perhaps Western foreign policy is something like The Man who Shot Liberty Valance. Perhaps it will turn out that President Obama wasn't responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that it was the work of President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

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nzlemming said...

"I may have this wrong, but it seems that the answer to a political question is to put a macron on it"

Makes as much sense as any of the usual answers we get to political questions, old chap.