Sunday, April 24, 2011

The fag end of life

"Retail tobacco displays impact on vulnerable consumers, such as people still experiencing nicotine withdrawal, and can prompt impulse purchases."

Apa wrote that the "key aspect" of her paper was to minimise costs to retailers and "allow for flexibility" over compliance methods.
One would have thought that the key aspect of her paper would be the vulnerable consumers, otherwise known as addicts, what with Ms Apa being the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Health and not DG of the Corner Dairy Preservation Society.

And what's with this "tobacco companies are looking at Facebook and YouTube to promote their products if New Zealand introduces new anti-smoking legislation?" Where is the evidence for this claim? It cannot be found here:
"There is also a risk tobacco companies will divert their marketing efforts into unregulated channels, such as internet social networks and product placement in entertainment media, such as Facebook, YouTube, films and video games," the paper said.
There is a difference between saying something might happen and saying that it will. The fag companies are drug pushers and have the morality to match; they probably will push their products on social media, given the chance; but they haven't done it yet and Mr Reid (him again) cannot say that they will do it, yet.

Speaking of smoking, Christopher Hitchens can no longer speak, as this letter reveals (H/T Russell). Here is Martin Amis writing about Hitchens; and here is Amis talking about Hitchens, and causing difficulties with his own smoking habit:

And since this is Easter, here is Hitchens talking about God in Virginia (where the tobacco comes from).

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