Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spot the balls

A suggestion the All Blacks should wear a red fern for the Rugby World Cup was quickly dismissed - but that hasn't stopped the Labour Party stealing the idea for election year.


The logo was made by advertising company Barnes, Catmur & Friends. Co-owner Daniel Barnes said it took six to nine months to finalise the design.
Oh dear. Do you remember the old days, when you had to do some work to ridicule a Herald hack? You had to check sources, look at other stories, sit in public library reading rooms with malodorous old men. It was tough back then, but satisfying; at the end of a hard day, you felt you had worked for your lulz.

Now, it is too easy. The Herald Hack provides the contradiction, for the few readers who persevere to the end of the story. Labour stole the red fern idea, which was ideated a month ago, for their logo; the designer of the logo said it too six to nine months to create the design.

Why do I bother?


Stephen Stratford said...

"ideated". Did you neologise that?

Paul said...

Not at all; this is how PostModernists speak. They are seldom seen in the wild but there are some in captivity - university English departments, places like that.