Monday, April 04, 2011

Fools: Rush In!

Not for the inexperienced buyer, this stand alone townhouse built in the 1990s is a good opportunity to remedy the mistakes of the past and reap the rewards.

Bought as a family investment in 2001 our vendor did not ensure the council requirements were completed and hence this property will be sold without CCC.

A comfortable three bedroom entry level home on a cross lease section there is a real opportunity here to get on with the living now and deal with the council later.
Or, in other words, this could be the worst decision you will ever make. There is something breathtakingly glib about the suggestion that the prospective buyer should "get on with the living now and deal with the council later." There is something quite peculiar about the fenestration: the windows are in all the wrong places and do not align with each other. There is something quite nauseous about the lashings of cream paint throughout the interior. And there is something ominous about that cross-lease.

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