Thursday, April 21, 2011

The rights of man

About a month ago, I was in a line of traffic with three vehicles inside the diamonds indicating a pedestrian crossing. Without warning, a lady pushing a pram walked straight across the road without looking, almost causing a three-car pile-up. Who is in the wrong, the motorist or the pedestrian? I was under the impression that if motorists are between the crossing and the diamond, they have the right of way.
John Brough, Auckland.
A lady, that's right; a lady with a pram; what some might call a mother, with a child or children. But that is beside the point, because this lady with a pram blatantly pushed her pram across the road while John Brough of Auckland was inside the diamonds. John Brough of Auckland thinks that this lady with a pram was IN THE WRONG, because he, John Brough of Auckland, was INSIDE THE DIAMONDS and had the RIGHT OF WAY.

Fortunately for humanity, the estimable Phoebe is no lady and tells him where he can stick his right of way.

Ad found on The Hairpin; female mechanic now on duty

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